From the hills to the sea

The Arrábida Natural Park comprises the Arrábida hills and the sea they meet, spreading over more than 10 thousand hectares, and it is an example of the Portuguese natural diversity. The area is a well-kept group of Mediterranean maquis shrubland vegetation similar to the existent in Dalmatia. Its existence in Setúbal, near Lisbon, is due to the Arrábida microclimate.

Besides the vegetation, the Arrábida hills and the sea support a wide variety of birds, reptiles, fish and anemones. In the hills there are eagles, foxes, wildcats, badgers and various species of bats nesting. For the ones who like hiking, the park has hiking trails and different paths that offer lovely moments enjoying the nature.

In the park we can find the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Arrábida that has an important Franciscan library. This convent that nowadays is property of Fundação Oriente occupies 25 hectares and it is divided between a most recent part and an older one. This architectural work is worthy of a visit.

Near the sea, the protected area has four square kilometres and contains the picturesque village of Portinho da Arrábida. This fishermen village is next to the sea and has a beach of yellow sand. At 100 meters distant it is located the Pedra da Anicha, a place very popular to ensue in dive fishing. In Portinho da Arrábida is also where the Museu Oceanográfico is located.


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