20th Anniversary

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Travel One Madeira celebrates 20 years of its genesis and its 20th Anniversary of the opening of its first office on November 2, 2000 in Funchal, Madeira Island.   The project started with the hands of three entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of tourism in the Autonomous  Region of Madeira who decided to create their travel agency model exclusively aimed at importing the flow of tourists with a focus on German-speaking markets .

In the course of these 20 years the company has grown and expanded to the Portuguese mainland, the good years have consolidated the company’s growth and the years of crisis have dazzled opportunities for growth.   We have reached our 20th anniversary with the greatest challenge of all times and with the world facing the most disastrous event of the last century.

Travel One was founded at the turn of the 20th century to the 21st century – in the year 2000. Travel One is a company specialized in the tourism industry that excels in the services provided by the added value it presents, both to clients and to partner entities.    Currently it has offices in Funchal, Lisbon and Algarve, and  betts on a team of highly qualified, multilingual and experienced professionals in this sector.    Its employees work, create and innovate with dedication so that the recognition of service excellence, flexibility and integrity of the company is a constant. It is based on this demanding policy that Travel One develops sustainable partnerships with clients, employees and suppliers and pursues success and obtaining better results.   “We believe, since the beginning of the foundation of Travel One, that only work based on reliable, stable relationships  and in which both parties contribute to the common goal allows us to reach the level of excellence that has always guided the company’s activity”, state its founders.

In a constantly changing world, which requires a strong capacity to adapt to these paradigm changes, the company seeks to understand the trends and forces that shape the business.  It is not enough to exist or be present.   It is crucial to know how to act and adopt strategies appropriate to the realities that change suddenly.   The company defines strategies and action plans that create competitive advantages to achieve the objectives.   It seeks to offer unique and sustainable solutions in the quality of service and meet the requirements and business objectives of the partners.   It develops close and mutually productive relationships with suppliers, such as hotels, rent-a-car companies, restaurants, and other partners in the industry.   It offers exclusive benefits that are not only distinguished by originality but also offer excellent cost-effectiveness for partners.

Travel One continues its commitment to service excellence to achieve the continuous improvement of its activity through the passion for excellence and will continue to generate trust with its partners through ethical, reliable, open and transparent behaviour, working together and dynamically to develop relationships that generate mutual and lasting benefits for all stakeholders in their tourism activity.


Awards & Recognitions

TOURIST MERIT SILVER MEDAL 2018 by the Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira



Odília Andrade – Administrator/CEO

Sérgio Sousa – Sales & Marketing Director / CCO & Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Madeira

Hilário Andrade – Operational Director / COO