Change of Procedures

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According to the recommendations of the Madeira Regional Government, the Government of the Portuguese Republic that decreed the State of Emergency in the Portugal, and the declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization, for the health of all our employees, we decided to close our offices. The team from the Madeira, Lisbon and Algarve offices are currently working from their homes with full capacity to correspond to all the requests from our partners and customers.

This situation will last until the situation is reassessed in line with the development of the current situation and the Government’s recommendations.

Travel One Portugal’s Management took this decision considering the need to adopt responsible behaviour on the part of everyone, which would allow the mitigation and containment of the spread of this virus and in accordance with the rules of the state of emergency.

Travel One Portugal has a Unique Team, and is a Unique Company, so lowering our arms is not part of our DNA. Together we are stronger, and we will overcome this situation with the effort and resilience of all of us and our business partners.

The Board of Directors